Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who can afford organic ? ............ NOT ME

Hi Everyone, so as you all know I'm now eating mainly raw foods well about 98% just can't give up the odd bit of wasabi on my raw sushi and a few other bits, but mainly raw, so eating organic fruit and veg would be so expensive for me as I go through huge amounts, not to say I haven't tried, I did an online order last week and to be honest I spent $160 on a very little box of  produce, I would love love love to be able to afford all organic produce but as I said it's just not going to happen.
So here's what I do I buy everything from my local market and wash everything in a special wash by safegard called Fruit and Veggie Wash, it's very quick and easy to use, all organic ingredients, environmentally save and biodegradable. How it works - the ingredients help stick to the harmful bacteria,dirt,waxes and chemicals to remove them. This is is a local family based company,well local to me anyways, you can find out more at I hope you find this helpful, at least I feel some peace of mind when feeding my family non-organic foods.

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