My Diet

I follow a Fish eating, Gluten Free, Raw food, Vegan Diet ( if this makes sense) and through listening to my body, I  have devised this diet from Dr Jelenik's diet, The MS Recovery Diet and The Raw Food Diet, I eat about 90% raw and only occasionally eat cooked foods. Below is a list of foods I eat.

My Food

Raw Veg
Raw Fruits
Raw Nuts and Seeds
Dried Fruits
Raw Almond Milk
Sprouted Buckwheat
Superfoods - Maca, Aleo Vera Juice
Organic Wines
Raw Cacao Powder
Raw Chocolate
Agave Nectar
Natural Maple Syrup
Stevia (natural sweetner)
Raw Nut Butters
Raw Crackers,Breads,Cereals and Pizza Bases
Raw Nori
Raw Seaweeds
Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Smoked Salmon
Cooked Salmon ( twice a week)

There is an abundance of foods you can make when eating raw, I think what ever can be made on the SAD diet, can be made out of a raw foods, only so much healthier, yummier and guilt free. Obviously you still need to go steady when eating the nuts, seeds, chocolate, coconut oil and wine, especially if your watching your weight but at least you know all these foods you put in your mouth are actually doing your body good.

I don't eat any processed, refined packaged foods, my motto is if  it's in a packet and it's not raw, organic and contains no strange E numbers or ingredients you've never heard of then DON'T EAT IT, your only doing yourself harm.